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Hi Listeners

We received a cease and desist letter from a company who claims they have ownership of the word “hear”. They say that they have the right to stop us using the word “Hear” in the title of our app. We think it is sad that someone can own the word Hear especially because we have been producing augmented sound since 2008 and the company claiming they own the word hear is much younger than us.

However, like the artist formerly known as Prince, instead of engaging in legal battles we want to maintain a positive attitude and use our time and energy to do what we do best, which is delivering the finest augmented hearing experiences for you, our fans.

We decided to be very open about this issue and communicate with our fans about it, which also means, we want to engage with you in finding a new name and brand for our app. So, here we go, the floor is yours: Please send us your proposal for the name of this app. The winner will get a lifetime mention in the app credits. Use the dialog in the app to submit your idea!

Good luck!

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You can submit another one if you want :)

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H _ _ r is an amazing way to listen to the world. It harmonizes your listening experience which helps you to be less distracted and stressed. The H _ _ r app filters your acoustic environment, takes out harsh sounds and turns stressful noise into harmonic sound environments. Try it now, it's a free download on the app Store!

What's Included?

The H _ _ r app gives you unlimited control over real-world sound. Simply plug in your existing headphones and listen through one of the 7 free filters!

Pro Tip: You can use H _ _ r when listening to music. This is very useful at work when you still want to hear your coworkers but listen to your music at the same time.

A Product of RjDj

H _ _ r is brought to you by the original pioneers of augmented sound, the RjDj team, makers of the legendary RjDj and Inception App, which hit no1 in the AppStore and over 7 million downloads. This app is the evolution of the RjDj augmented sound technology- download to listen for yourself!.

“It’s like legal drugs with no side effects - it’s fantastic” PHARRELL WILLIAMS

“Hey, It’s mushrooms without the mushrooms!” John Mahoney, GIZMODO

“The most trippy app on the iPhone” Jason Kincaid, TECHCRUNCH

“If you’ve ever consumed psychedelics, the auditory effects are very similar..” Joel Johnson, BOING BOING

“It’s completely awesome and kind of surreal. An experience that’s not easy to describe in words.” Federico Vittici, MACSTORIES

Our Philosophy

We have been building the finest active listening products since 2008. In our journey we have worked with some of the best listeners in the world, including Hans Zimmer, Chris Nolan and Imogen Heap. For us, the ear is the biggest and most fascinating tech frontier. We believe that in the next few years eartech will have higher impact in our society than vistech. Headphones will increasingly be equipped with sensory hardware and evolve into hearables. We won't take these devices off for a large part of our days and nights. They will connect us with the virtual world and keep us in our communication streams with family, friends and business. In a similar way they will connect us to the real world and enhance and augment our perception of the real world.

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